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Three things that scare me:
1: firearms
2: heights
3: IV's
Three people who make me laugh:
1: Eddie
2: Adam B.
3: Rocky
Three Things I love:
1: my friends & family
2: cooking
3: photography & art
Three Things I hate:
1: my lack of motivation sometimes
2: pretension
3: cheese
Three things I don't understand:
1: girls
2: my own emotions
3: compulsive liars
Three things on my desk:
1: tea
2: camera
3: buddhism book
Three things I'm doing right now:
1: filling out this survey
2: listening to Outkast
3: dreading going to work
Three things I want to do before I die:
1: love
2: have my own restuarant
3: be truly happy
Three things I can do:
1: scuplt
2: write prose
3: cook
Three ways to describe my personality:
1: nice?
2: usually friendly
3: occasionally.. cold and distant
Three things I can't do:
1: dance
2: read people's minds
3: ever manage to have money.
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it's cold in here...
my nipples could cut glass.
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i know this took me forever...
but first i had to sift through which photos were worth uploading, then i kept on having problems with my usual photo-hosts, as far as uploading was concerned...
it managed to crash EVERYTIME i tried to upload.

but anyhow...
here's the links to the two albums i made (they were in one, on one account, but i ran out of space - and thus had to start all over)

Breather Resist @ Keswick Democratic Club; Oct. 1, 2003

Converge @ Keswick Democratic Club; Oct. 1, 2003

but anyhow...

there you have it kids.
lemme know what you all think.

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i hate tuesdays.
i get up at 5:30 am as i do any weekday
i have class from 7am-2pm; THEN night class from 6pm-10pm.

i skipped Public Speaking, because i had homework for my night class i forgot about.. and wanted to be able to take a nap before my night class.
i got the papper done in like 30 minutes, so that was cool...
slept for like 2 and a half hours...
slept like a BABY......
except i had this super weird ass, incredibly vivid dream. (more on this after i get home from class)
then my phone rings and wakes me up; and i realize i'm dreaming... THANK GOD.. i was starting to seriously get scared of my dreamest weirdness.
it's Chris calling again... he wasn't at school today (he and i have like 4/6 classes together, including our night class)
i'd made plans to get a ride to class with Eric, since i couldn't get ahold of Chris...
he called just as i got home, but was checking if i got ahold of Eric,

Chris just got here, so we'll probally hang for 15 minutes...
and maybe Eric will show.

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it goes wooo woooooo. (just click this shit.)

was going to pick up the new Bleeding Through record, or possibly Alexisonfire; but Andy found Maharahj's "Repetition" used for $5 and handed it my way, so i got that and a UK import AFI Leaving song Part II 7" instead.

i can get the two other records instead...

must get soon record list:

new Bleeding Through
debut Alexisonfire
new Avenged Sevenfold
new Integrity
new Children of Bodom
new Coheed and Cambria (out tommorrow!)
As I Lay Dying split

and some numerous vinyl titles.....
and something else i'm forgeting.. which is pissing me off.

that's all i think.... for now.

i have a headache.
my jaw hurts.
and i guess that in mind my skull just hurts in general.
it's gotta be the evilness of my black hair seeping through to the rest of my head.

guess i'll go get naked in a bit, hop in the shower...
and then goto bed.
i slept like ass last night...
i went to bed at 2:30am, woke up at 5:30 for class...
swear i didn't sleep at all during that 3 hour frame until just before i woke up...
then my alarm went off.
and i thought it was the microwave going off..
i was confused as shit.. i verbally said "what the fuck, who the hell..? the microwave? where the fuck am i?"
apparently Andy slept abotu as well as i did, and woke up strangely as well....
except he woke up by his own snoring, and wondered who the hell was snoring so loud.

watched a movie with Andy, Megan and the Grizzly tonight.
if any of you haven't seen May yet.
go watch it.
the cinemtography is incredible...
and the storyline is equally incredible/fucked up.

okay. end rant.
head hurts.

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