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i feel like shit.
equally emotionally, mentally and physically.
i can only imagine how i'd feel if i didn't have my meds.

i'm sick of drama.

saw Justin today at work.
he gets mad points for being the only person whom i've seen at work that i know.
shot the shit about art and supplies and other bullshit.

got out of work at liek 10:30 tonight.

late to lab this morning.. about a half hour.
just walked into class.. and Chef Moeller says to me in this half shitty tone...
"well hello Ethan..."
then i make some half shitty crack to him about his new haircut and how nice it looks on him.
and he tells me to shut the fuck up and sit down.
i thought to myself... "well, looks like i played that off well."

think i'm gonna goto bed early tonight.
i'm ready for a visit home.

i miss my mom.
i miss my friends.
i miss the country.
i miss being in a town of 20,000 people.
i miss having nothing to do ( like i have here), but having people to see. (like i don't here.)
i miss being able to drive.
i miss being able to drive 70 mph down a curvy country road like a pro.
i miss working at Berea College.
i miss everything about the place.
and as soon as i start to become content here.
i realize all the things i've really been missing.

and above all.
i miss being able to goto Pilot Knob Cemetary during the fall...
and just sit and think.

i think as long as they're willing to make a me a decent offer... my minds already made up.
i'm coming home after i graduate.
at least for a year or so to get my shit in line.

Oldies song: too many

Rap song: "Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangster" - Ghetto Boys

Metal song: too many.

Punk song: "Anesthesia" - Bad Religion

Country song: no.

New Wave song: "Enjoy the Silence" - Depeche Mode

"Other" song: um.. other?

Let's Play Pretend
If you could be any moving object (non-human) what would you be? something cool

What do you wish your name was? i care anymore.?

If you could have sex with anyone on your lj friends list who would it be and why? pleads fifth.

If you couldn't answer that...who would you have sex with and why? i have an ex in mind...

If you were granted 1 wish and it only lasted for 6 hours what would you wish for? to have the change to relive being shot, or being able to prevent it.

Kickin' It Old School
What did you wanna be when you were a child? and architect

Did you get grounded a lot? Sometimes.

What was the worst thing you ever got grounded for? probally somethign really fucking retarded.

Have you ever got physically punished? (If so what was it?) every kid gets whipped every once in a while...

Ever had your mouth washed out with soap? yeah.

Ever had to "pick a switch"? no. dad had a razor strap.

Did you get beat up by your siblings or was it the other way around? they gang up on my ass.

More Of What You Love
Favorite Cartoon: Family Guy

Favorite Music Video: um... a have a few.

Favorite Porno: whatever.

Favorite Sex Toy: my hand.

Favorite Article Of Clothing: my old man slippers.

Favorite Nail Polish Color: Black.

Ooooh You're so fucking sexy
Define your perfect partner: dark hair, sincere, intelligent, humorous, tattoos, can at least ignore what music i listen to without bitching, honest, real, free thinker, godfree, etc

Now, with that you honestly THINK you'll ever have anyone like that in your life?: it'd be nice, huh?

Let's get Physical

Would you take someone's virginity away for the sole purpose that they were a "virgin"?: No.

If you could have (present or past tense) anyone take your virginity away...who would it be and why?: who wrote this quiz? jesus! someone special.

With Deep Regret
Who do you regret "sharing" yourself with?: a few people.

Do you regret any friends you have/had?: yeah, Tony Lamb.

(Dig deep now)Worst thing you feel like you've ever done? all the countless times i've lied.

Something petty that you did when you were a kid that you never told anyone:

Sex Sex Sex(yes..this is a nib shit part)
How many times have you had sex?: 11

When was the last time?: within the past month.

Was it worth it?: definately.

How long did it last?: quite a while

Did you get off?: no.

Did you use protection?: like a flak jacket and a crossbow?

What got you to that point?(i.e. movies, being emo): being close.

Was it an ass slapin' good time?: ass slappin'? i don't slap asses.

What (if any) dirty talk was used?: um... don't recall any.....

Any use of "gadgets" or "toys"?: ice cubes

So You're Probably Tired By Now
Tell me something I don't know by now: whoever wrote this wants to know all my dirty details.

So you want to kick my ass already?: no. i'm a pacifist

Would you be willing to put out for me?: no.

Let's be better friends..what's your screen name?: WintersDying

How old were you when you started this?(haha whoo yeah, I'm funny): 19

What comes to mind when I say:
Yo-yo: yo
Can: #10
Fire: burner
Tuna: Ahi
Paul Bunyon: bounty paper towels
Vasoline: doesn't come off.
Crushed: always.
Jiggle: Bill Cosby
Horny: why not?
Peter Pan: peanut butter is not the best
Christmas: family.
5th grade: nazi germany
Smoking: just quit.
Ass play: what with who?
Cunt: eww.
Deer: yum.
Emo: taking pictures of flowers
Cock: and balls.

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