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you may not be able to disern the "cooks shorthand" i used when writing this recipe....
if you have any questions just ask...

oh and before i get a ton of questions...
BTB = bring to boil
DB = Double Boiler

Pear Beignets w/ Star Anise Sabayon (Serves 6)

For the pears:
6 william pears
17 oz sauvignon blanc, Traminer Riesling (or other fruity white wine)
7 oz 10x sugar; plus extra for sprinkling
1 vanilla bean, split
veg oil for deep frying

Beignet batter:
8 oz beer
2/3 oz fresh yeast
6 oz flour

Star Anise Sabayon:
12.5 oz sauvignon blanc, Traminer Riesling (or other fruity white wine)
5 egg yolks
5 oz 10x sugar
5 star anise

Poached pears
peel pears, place in acidulated water
wine, sugar, 10 oz water, scraped vanilla bean & bean – BTB
add pears, cover with circle of parchment & plate to submerge
simmer, over low-medium for 20 mins; or until just penetrating center
allow to cool in syrup.

Biegnet batter
Heat beer to lukewarm; remove from heat.
Add yeast, set aside
Flour and pinch of salt in bowl; make well
Add 2/3 beer mixture into well, whisk to loose dough w/o lumps
Add remaining beer; whisk till smooth runny batter
Cover, allow to double in volume (1 hour)

Mix all ingredients
Whisk over DB until tripled, and holds trail

Cut pears in half (stems attached), core, drain
Dip in batter (allow excess to drain)
Fry @ 350 until golden, drain
Toss in 10x sugar

Serve immediately w/ sabayon coating entire surface of plate
Garnish w/ whole star anise in sabayon

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