October 12th, 2003


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comfirmation of my boredom tonight:


it's pretty funny.
least i thought so.

i probally should goto bed soon...
i have to be at work at 1pm.
then i have a paper to write tonight...
and god knows what else homework i've forgot/put off.

night all.
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tkingbacksunday8: sup g money
WintersDying: yo ass in da air?
tkingbacksunday8: shiiiiiiiiit
tkingbacksunday8: nigga be fo real
WintersDying: tight like yo little sissy coochie
tkingbacksunday8: i dont have a sis nigga
WintersDying: fuck!
WintersDying: does zach?
tkingbacksunday8: ya
WintersDying: well, his sissy then
tkingbacksunday8: i always fuck with him about it
WintersDying: we'll run da train on dat ho
tkingbacksunday8: ya he has a lil sis
tkingbacksunday8: i always tell him i am going to take her out and shit
WintersDying: how old is da bitch?
tkingbacksunday8: he gets all mad
tkingbacksunday8: 14
WintersDying: awesome
WintersDying: 14 is just right.
tkingbacksunday8: ya 14 is prime.
tkingbacksunday8: you want the hook up
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game of champions:

popping popcorn on the stove with no lid, and seeing who can catch the most in a bowl.

winner gets something cool.
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